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Which 4* bots would you rank up first between Mirage and Windblade (if you were me)?

PurpleMamba82PurpleMamba82 Posts: 17
edited February 2018 in General Discussion
Hello everybody,

Recently, I've opened 2 4* crystals and had Mirage and Windblade. I've never used so much any of them, neither their 3* versions, because I had them relatively late in the game.
Considering that Mirage is my first 4* tech, while I already have 4* Barricade (my favourite scout) going toward 4th rank, what bot, choosing between Mirage and Windblade, would you empower if you were me?
Considering that I don't have any tech bot, while I have 4* bots for each other category, I would choose Mirage first.
Or do you think that working on Wndblade first could be better anyway?

Could any of them be more or less useful if used in 3rd map alliance missions?

Thank you so much in advance.


  • Thank you so much for the detailed description of his abilities @Synthwave , you definitely convinced me!
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,949
    I don't find Mirage's signature ability that important thou, unless it's over level 20, it's quite useless, those buffs he gets will last for only a few seconds before you can successfully land a hit because they're activated right when he uses a special
    Unduped Mirage is still amazing, especially against Ironhide and the Demos
    Since you already have Barricade, I'd recommend you taking Mirage up instead of Windblade. Sometimes class balance does matter
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