do the special offers seem to expensive to anybody? i feel like 800 energy is a lot. 800 energy is not easy to come by with one 10 or 15 energy rewards with missions and crystals spewing up energy is pretty rare.


  • If you're getting though spotlight hard every month + arenas + daily ads you can earn at least 1600 a month.

    I wouldn't bother with any bot Crystal offers, imo they're there to drain you're energon.

    Hold out for something concrete that will help you and you'll likely have the energon you need for it.
  • Optima1POptima1P Posts: 131
    Yeah. The discounts lowering them to 400 energon make them a little more reachable, but still too far away for certain players.
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 1,654
    I wouldn't out any stock in crystals...you'll just end up with a bunch of 2* duplicates and no energon for when you really need it. I'd echo the advice to wait for a concrete offer.
  • Razor327Razor327 Posts: 11
    I want t3 class ess or sparks for energon they got enough money from me for junk.
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