Convenient glitching

Has anyone else noticed how conveniently your bot drops a block, dashes or doesn't dash when he's supposed to, swings instead of shooting, etc....on more difficult levels?
This seems to be a very intentional "glitch"...never seems to happen on easier levels.


  • Add it to the list of never-fixed bugs: crashing, lagging, sticky feet. And it happens more often than not at the higher levels, where the repairs cost the most. This game performs worse than any game I have ever played. I can count on one hand the number of AM series that weren't ruined by the glitches/crashing/bugs. I have given up on any hope for a solution, much less for any chance of Kabam even caring. $$$ That's it for them: squeezing the whales for every dime they're suckered into spending.
  • Faithz17Faithz17 Posts: 377
    I can count on one hand the number of AM series that weren't ruined by the glitches/crashing/bugs.

    What, you mean there’s actually an AM that didn’t have lag/ glitch/ bugs/ crashing? Astonishing!!
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 905
    @Kabam Miike
    And all the others....since this is a HUHUUUGE issue that's been brought up manymanymanymany times, I'd LOVE to hear an admin comment on this since I just spent my hard earned energon on this and the more I tried the less my bots responded.
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 1,629
    Those bugs are clearly intended to happen. They'll make the game more challenging, they aren't unfair, bugs like that are meant to Kabam will gain MOAR profit and they can laugh at their players' misfortune, such as the AI becoming more aggressive at low health preventing my Rhinox and Windblade from dealing any damage in Expert spotlight today. 19 health left so it'll go ape%#^$ and cause me even MOAR revives because Kabam!
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 905
    So I sent a ticket in on this issue. According to Kabam, this hasn't been an issue that been reported by many players. Of course I also feel I'm getting the cookie cutter response.
    Maybe we ALL need to send in a ticket on this to get their attention. Even if this isn't on purpose and the quicker AI commands are making the player bot slow, still needs fixing, especially since we're sending our energon (ie money) on this.
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    I've complained about many of these things on here before and its other players who say its my fault for either having a crappy phone or that I'm just not a good enough player. And probably the reason Kabam says that these issues aren't really reported is because they either don't respond to reported problems, or they don't do anything to resolve those problems and don't follow up with the person who reported it--which leads to more people not reporting problems.

    I'm curious to know exactly what kind of "maintenance" work gets done when they shut down the game for "maintenance" issues. Seems to me that's an ideal time for them to work out a lot of these glitches!

    There's also another glitch to add to the list: During raids, load screens last longer and longer the closer the timer gets to 0. This happens all the time on raids, especially when real life stuff takes me away from the phone for a few minutes or whatever. If the game crashes, then rebooting seems to take about twice as long as normal. On the upside, I've learned how to crush bots with ironhide or Windblade in about 30 seconds or less when I need to hurry, but that doesn't excuse the glitch.
  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 775
    The hard thing for Kabam engineers is that it doesn’t seem to be consistently reproducible. I get that blocking but still get hit thing, but I have no way of reliably reproducing it. It just seems to happen randomly and in different game modes. It really sucks when it happens in the AM.
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    I agree, sometimes the bots don't sidestep and that is very costly, especially in the higher levels. Sometimes right before a 5 hit combo, either your bot sidesteps, or the 5th hit doesn't register, resulting in a counter attack or them blocking your special. -_- (btw I think this should be in the bugs and glitches category, just saying.)
  • dtorreskaterdtorreskater Posts: 110
    Not to bring up old posts, but I have been noticing this happen more and more since the 5.2 update. My playing style hasn’t changed much in the almost year of playing and lately I have been missing blocks, dashing forward when I command backwards, sidestepping sometimes is working, and the special button is weird. Sometimes it’s as if the button is bigger, I am dodging bludgeon in A/M map 3 and then all of a sudden poof a sp1 goes off randomly while I’m sidestepping (not the best timing). Or I try and press it, doesn’t go off, and I end up having to press it agin and then blocked.

    Never really had these problems before 5.2 update.
  • SquiddySquiddy Posts: 4
    I just submitted a ticket about my issues on iPhone 8 after 5.2 dropped...
    Right side of touchscreen seems less responsive or more laggy with input. A swipe to command a sideways dodge sometimes doesn’t register, and I end up eating a combo instead of being able to dodge and counter.
    Also, after I complete a 5-hit combo and hit the special button, the input lags and allows a split second for the AI to block.
    Both of these issues occurred twice in my last AM run. Needed to use 4 items instead of my usual zero to complete the map.
    Kabam, please fix controls and reimburse your loyal player base who used items to heal/revive due to these issues!
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 905
    These have all been regular issues for me since the update also
  • BeerguzzlerBeerguzzler Posts: 79
    These issues existed prior to the update, but they now have become far more pronounced. There is an underlying lag and a delay between entering a command and the action. The block command no longer works, I’ve had bots just standing arms open after I’ve blocked several times. I’ve blocked and a second later I set of a heavy attack. This random rushing is very annoying and! I do not want to rush into a special! Speaking of many times do I have to hit the button to make it go off? I’ve missed out on so many combo attacks because the command is not translating.
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 905
    @Kabam Miike
    @Kabam Vydious
    I know you guys can, and have seen threads such as this. Why are my bots sticking to the ground SOO badly that when I could before beat bases rated at 15-16k, I now have trouble in the 10k range?
    I haven't, just overnight, lost my raid game exactly in time for the update
    I'd live to hear some feedback and how this will be fixed.
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    iPhone X sidestep bug and arena glitching...
  • Mufc14Mufc14 Posts: 268
    True, I thought my phone doesn’t work properly.
    But now it becomes clear.
  • BeerguzzlerBeerguzzler Posts: 79
    Honestly. I am tired of the convient glitching. Sticky feet now. Lags mid battle, the block command that no longer works, specials that don’t activate when they should, dashing forward into a special attack when a sidestep was, it’s not my device or anyone else’s. Yes, we’ve submitted more tickets than can be counted. No customer support is Not fact they are totally useless and inept. Yes, the mods here say they hear us. Yes, we get some crock of shite response that these problems will be addressed in the next update. No, they never are. So for my constructive suggestion, when I quit this game, I will be very certain to take the time and leave a very detailed account in the iTunes Store, which I spend money frequently, about my experience of this game and just how it actually performs. We’ve reported the issues, we’ve complained. The game is not fun anymore between pathetic rewards and a borderline struggle to actually play the game. Enough is enough.

  • +1

    Same problems, same feeling these bugs are too convenient to be bugs
  • I have to preface this statement with: I am not implying any conspiracy exists. It is terribly convenient for Kabam to have these lags/bugs/ crashes exist in the game, as they (bugs) "encourage" players to purchase very expensive repair/revive kits. More crashes; more kits needed to complete simple objectives. Until there's an incentive to change this pattern, I predict this will only get worse. The tiger chases it's own tail. I've stopped using kits for "crash" repairs (shame on you, Kabam). If I lose my health due to my own inability to block, I'll buy a kit (shame on me). This sticky feet/block lagging crap isn't my fault, however kits will be used. IF this is some manipulation on Kabam's part, then it's obviously to perpetuate microtransactions. So protest with your wallets, and give them the incentive to get it right...IF they're in the wrong.
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 905
    I agree. I never buy kits. The only ones I use are the ones from crystals that are freebies.
  • sabre_777sabre_777 Posts: 115
    Yeah, hopefully we can get that telepathic interface for mobil devices in the next generation of phones. That way I can just think dodge-dash-block and it will get it right ;-)

    The sticky feet and punching into specials when you wanted a ranged attack are the 2 most annoying issues that I deal with in game play.
  • And what about the automated forward move?
    It exists since the beginning, and I understand the need to avoid static fights.
    But, with the lags and all, it's really annoying.

    Why should we have to walk forward while the IA bot can stay still ?
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