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Ridiculous rewards

Why aren't we getting any energon in the raid store?? Don't use that stupid "random" excuse to us. Why do we keep getting trashy sig upgrades while there's an entire arena for them already? Why do you even give us boost crystals when we get them monthly and barely use them?
And this:
Is that an XP boost right there I'm seeing? Or am I drunk? WHY DOES A LEVEL 50 PLAYER NEED XP BOOSTS? The rewards you get from selling them is absolutely trash, just sending 3 help requests can get you more gold
And this. Did the guys who put these items here even pass 3rd grade?
A T1 revive gives you half the amount of health a T2 revive does, yet it only costs 3 energon less than its way stronger counterpart, the cost of this item should be reduced to 20 or less. The lack of rewards, the ridiculous you're trying to mess with us is why so many players are quitting and so many players only use the global chat instead of playing the game
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