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Short version... 

ALWAYS Rank your 3* Sharks to 4/40 & then Forge them for MASSIVE points. (Equivalent to 50% of a 3* 4/40 Bot)

To get the most out of your 3* Sharks, you might want to leave your 3* Shark crystal unopened until you 4/40 Max and Forge away ALL
(1) currently duped 3* Sharks and
(2) any unduped 3* Sharks for which you don't have any 3* Sig programs ready to load into it.

In other words, you will get the most benefit by 4/40 maxing all your 3* Sharks before you open your next 3* crystal. Duping a 3* shark means that you are throwing away the opportunity to extra those extra points from another shark you can max out. (Forging 2 separate 4/40 sharks is equivalent getting a free 3* 4/40 Bot)

The only exception to this is when you happen to have a lot of sig programs for a particular class of 3* and you can keep that particular 3* shark around hoping it gets duped and you can then use the sig programs. (Speaking for myself, my cutoff is at least 10 sig programs, but FYI, at 15 Sig programs, forging that Shark will guarantee you a full 4* Shark crystal)

I'll include more details and fine print and analysis at:


PS - Yes, I know it might "take forever" for SOME of you to save up the 210k Ore, $250k-$300k Gold and an Alpha... but it's absolutely worth waiting to do it right no matter how long it takes to save all that up.



    I would be recruiting like crazy for them... but TOO BAD THIS WHOLE ALLIANCE DISAPPEARED SUDDENLY ?

  • Here's a pretty chart to explain for those of you who of you more technically/mathematically inclined...


  • Similar to the BOT Forging system, Kabam also wanted to created "balance" in the SHARK Forging system but in the case of SHARKs, it was more used more for the purpose of misdirection if anything.

    In the case of BOTS's, Dupes favor (cost efficient) shard generation... so if you were Forging with your focus on gaining shards (vs. gaining points), then it benefits you to accrue as many dupes as possible before Forging the bot away.

    In the case of SHARKS, however... Shard generation was completely skewed to lead everyone to believe that it was best to Forge away a Shark at Level 1 (of "any" rank) vs. at the max level of that particular rank.

    To create their misdirection, they "reset" the Forge points of a SHARK at level 1 of any Rank to roughly match the points generated by a BOT also at level 1 of the same Rank. BUT then, at each subsequent level, the amount of points generated by the shark per level was exactly twice the number of points generated per level by a bot.

    So here's some hard numbers for 3* Bots & Sharks (Forge 0, Sig 0)
    (keeping in mind that Bots and Sharks cost exactly the same to rank and level):

    ~2.3k Points <--- 3/01 BOT or SHARK

    ~4.4k Points <--- 3/30 BOT
    ~6.4k Points <--- 3/30 SHARK (or 4/16 BOT)

    ~4.5k Points <--- 4/01 BOT or SHARK
    ~6.4k Points <--- 4/16 BOT

    ~9.2k Points <--- 4/40 BOT
    ~13.9k Points <--- 4/40 SHARK (+50% Bonus)
    ~15.3k Points <--- 4/40 SHARK Forged into SAME CLASS (+15% Bonus)


    In conclusion... if it's going to cost you 210k Ore and up to $300k Gold to get only ~9.2k Forge points... it's definitely worth investing in a Shark instead and get +50% to +65% bonus points. HOW? By hanging onto your crystals and opening them when the conditions are right... Even if that's 3 months from now... (read above).

  • Spark shout-out!
  • I forgot to mention a few things (last post, I promise):

    -- YES, as of today, Forging Sharks STILL GENERATES SHARDS for the next tier Shark when you forge them.

    -- And PLEASE DO NOT Forge your 3* Shark into a 4* Shark... someone actually said in a chat so I just had to make a statement about it

  • I've updated the Graph to show the "same class" bonus... ie. Forging a 3* 4/40 Brawler SHARK into a 4* Brawler BOT ... (Note: Not shown in the graph itself, but in the bottom right corner, is the info for the "same class" and "same bot" bonus as it relates to Forging BOTS.

  • Awesome guide as always, @Traminator! You should be named head FTF scientist or something. I myself have big plans for my sharks. Holding on to the 2* until I'm close to 100 sig on each. Plan is to get as many 4* as possible so sig is more important than Forge points for me. Once the 2* are forged, I'll repeat with the 3*. Might even do two batches of 3* if possible. Gonna take forever though.
  • Some updates below... BUT yes, hang on to the 2* Sharks especially if they are duped.

    As for the 3* and it taking forever... YES IT WILL... BUT STOCKPILE THOSE 3* SHARK CRYSTALS is what I'm getting at.

    How many 3* 4/40 Bots of the same class will it take to Forge 100 a 4* Bot? ~25 BOTS.
    What about using Sharks of the same class? ~17 SHARKS.
    Why should you care? Because you just saved yourself about 1 MILLION ORE and ~$2 MILLION GOLD


  • RhinoxRhinox Posts: 20
    Thanks for the hard work, appreciate it
  • I still have all my 2* sharks (all duped several times) from the event I've yet to get the gold required to max them out and I've currently only two 3* sharks plus an unopened 3* crystal. I'm hoping once I get the gold I can see a big jump in my roster strength.
  • C0M1C5C0M1C5 Posts: 42
    Traminator wrote: »

    -- And PLEASE DO NOT Forge your 3* Shark into a 4* Shark

    Can I ask why not?
  • BiomechronBiomechron Posts: 82
    edited March 2018
    C0M1C5 wrote: »
    Traminator wrote: »

    -- And PLEASE DO NOT Forge your 3* Shark into a 4* Shark

    Can I ask why not?

    I guess he's assuming you won't really be using your 4* sharks for anything other than the arena since they have weaker stats than the normal bots. In other words it would be a waste to give all those precious forge points to a bot that's not being used.

    I won't be forging into my 4* sharks but I think I'll still use them occasionally, as a novelty if nothing else. It's also not entirely clear (at least for me) if the bonuses from synergy might actually make up for the weaker stats. If S1000 gets released, there might also be synergy effects to consider before ruling out the fishies completely.
  • C0M1C5C0M1C5 Posts: 42
    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, just wasn’t sure. Thanks.
  • Sorry I only check forums a few times a month. LOL

    But to answer your question:
    (1) if you're paying attention, then you should always max (4/40) a 3* Shark because of the massive "bonus points" generated
    (1b) If you read above, I give an example of how substantial that is:
    How many 3* 4/40 Bots of the same class will it take to Forge 100 a 4* Bot? ~25 BOTS.
    What about using Sharks of the same class? ~17 SHARKS.
    (2) That works out to getting bonus points that are valued at 105k ore and up to $150k gold. In my book, until my AM bots are at Forge 100, they should be the only worthy recipients of my forge point efforts. However, if YOU feel like you have so much gold and ore sitting around gathering dust that you won't miss 105k ore and $150k gold and can happily give it away to a shark who won't truly appreciate it, then by all means.

    In the meantime, if I wanted to feed my sharks, I would feed it some 1* or 2* bots.


    BUT if you've read this far, then I'll leave you with a TIP since you may have a few 4* bots that you don't play much except in arena. If you wanted to give them a slight edge on the cheap then do this:

    You can max out up to (4) 1* bots of the SAME CLASS (very important) that you can then forge into a 4*. The first bot won't get you to the next Forge level (not since they have corrected that bug) ... but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th will get you to Forge levels 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

    In practice, I stockpile my daily and alliance crystals. I never open any of them unless:
    (a) all 1* mods are Forged away (because they cost so little to max out (3x 225 + 75) and
    (b) I don't have ALL (6) common 1* bots in my lineup.

    For 1* mods, I normally forge them immediately and take advantage of the "same mod bonus"

    For 1* bots, if I do have ALL 6 at the moment (one of each class), and I was planning to open any of those crystals mentioned above, then before I do so, I'll forge away at least one of those 1* (to a 4* of the SAME CLASS). For me, I forge them most commonly during Arena so that the 1* would be very quickly be replaced with the identical 1* EXCEPT that this new one won't have an arena timer on it.

    Anyway, THEN I open the daily, alliance, or 1* crystal and I open them ONE AT A TIME. If it drops a 1* mod, I'll max and forge it away before opening more crystals. If it drops a 1* bot, it will be whichever 1* bot you had just forged away (because when opened one at a time, if you're going to get a 1* bot, it's programmed to refill all 6 classes of 1* bots first). If I get anything other than a 1* bot or mod, I'll keep opening them one at a time until I do so (which only takes a few before you do).

    3 last related tidbits to keep in mind.

    (A) the best value in Forging a 1* is at 1/10, not 2/20... over the long haul, if you have the patience, you will spend 1/2 less gold and 1/3 less ore for the same number of points. That's what I do for myself honestly... I just collect those points a little bit at a time at the least expense (well, best value) and don't really count on their points to push any forge levels.

    (B) Keeping in mind what I said in the last section (A), if the target 4* bot happens to be one of the 6 designated 1* bots (BC, SS, NOX, IH, OGP, MM), then instead of (4) 1* 2/20 bots for Forge 3 on the 4*, I have a few other options.
    It takes 893 Forge points to hit Forge 3. So:
    (4) 1* 2/20 of the same class = 4 x 231 = 924 (26k ore, $30k gold)
    (14) 1* 1/10 of the same class = 14 x 66 = 924 (17k ore, $15k gold)
    (3) 1* 2/20 and (2) 1* 1/10 of the same bot = (3*252) + (2x 72) = 900 (22k ore, $25k gold)
    (13) 1* 1/10 of the same bot = 13 x 72 = 936 (15.6k ore, $13.6k gold)

    (C) Lastly, if it's not one of the 6 mentioned in the last section (B), AND you happen to be sitting on a lot of Tact (Blue) ore... then because OGP is an anomaly and costs 150 ore less to hit 1/10 (the next best deal if you don't have the same bot bonus), you can just do:
    (15) 1* 1/10 OGP = 15 x 60 = 900 ($15.8k ore, $13.6k gold)

    So there you have it. Lesson 1 actually from my Forge School :wink:
  • @Trailbreaker77

    If you are patient (and this is what I'm doing for myself), then ANY 2* Sharks that you still have that are ALREADY duped, I am not going to Forge them away just yet. I'm going to let them simmer for a very long time while I very slowly collect 2* sig upgrades and fatten them up... Why? Because at Sig 100, for example, a maxed out 2* is worth 630 (3* shark) shards for the bot + 8000 shards (Sig100 x80) and that's going to give me at least (4) new 3* Sharks to enjoy and eventually forge away.

    Depending on how far away in the future that is for you (and how active you participate in Sig program events), you may or may not temporarily put a hold on forging away any more 3* sharks if it's likely you might dupe one that you ALSO happen to have a bunch of unused 3* sig programs of the same class. (In my case, I have the max inventory of (20) 3* brawler sig programs. If I can dupe my 3* Brawler shark when I finally forge away my 2* sharks, then those 20 sig programs alone plus the dupe is worth at least 1 full 4* shark from the sig points alone (80x Sig 25 = 2000 shards).

    Just something for you to think about :)
  • larriouslarrious Posts: 36
    Thanks @Traminator for the amazing detail on forging.

    There's only 1 correction I'd like to bring up.
    Traminator wrote: »

    (A) the best value in Forging a 1* is at 1/10, not 2/20...

    I believe the best value is still in maxing out the bots. This is due to the way forge xp/gold cost is calculated. I've looked over Trailfire's data, and the calculation at 1/10 is 5.5k (gold cost) / 240 (total forge xp at 1/10). However, that overlooks the fact that at 1/1 you already get 159 forge xp, this means, you actually paid 67.9 gold for 81 xp.

    In short, forging at 1/10 gives you the LEAST value for your gold. This is true for both 2* and 3*. The only time it truly is MOST value is for 1*
  • @Traminator Thanks for the tip however I've already forged 3 of my 2* sharks I have 10 unopened 3* shark crystals plus more once I finish forging the rest of my 2* sharks.

    With the new set of 2* bots in the arena right now my forging backlog is massive.
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,157
    So do I get more forge xp from normal bots by forging them into sharks? Like when I get my shark maxed I'll forge him into my big guy...just wondering if the sharks makes a regular bot worth more?
  • seeker1321seeker1321 Posts: 83
    With round 2 of shark week, I thought I would necro this thread. Interesting information about forging Sharks.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
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    But doesn't sig level have something to do with forge exp as well? It's 220 per sig level for normal 3* bots. I don't have enough duped 3* Sharks for test but it's 62 per sig level for 2* Sharks (twice of that of normal 2* bots, which is 31). So I suppose it's 440 per sig level for 3* Sharks. Then duping a Sharks grants you 2200 forge exp without spending a dime.

    Moreover, upon duping a shark, you're getting 400 shards directly (80*5), giving you better chance to get more Sharks.
  • seeker1321seeker1321 Posts: 83
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    If I remember correctly and I could be completely wrong here.

    In a perfect world you get the most shards and forging experience by duping once, maxing out the bot/shark, and forging. However the gold and ore for that would be extremely high. So the next best time is to level up the signature level, and then max out the bot before forging.

    From @Traminator 's post above
    Traminator wrote: »
    Some updates below... BUT yes, hang on to the 2* Sharks especially if they are duped.

    How many 3* 4/40 Bots of the same class will it take to Forge 100 a 4* Bot? ~25 BOTS.
    What about using Sharks of the same class? ~17 SHARKS.
    Why should you care? Because you just saved yourself about 1 MILLION ORE and ~$2 MILLION GOLD


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