Known Issue: Monthly Objectives Reset. We are aware that many Commanders have had their monthly objectives suddenly reset. We are working to resolve this ASAP. In the mean time, we do not suggest trying to earn any more Monthly Objectives.

Darkness family is recruiting!

Hello everyone I am Bntyhntr3232 and I am the 2nd in command of the darkness family it is a family of 3 alliances and unfortunately I have been chat banned...but I do have the line app my line is Bountyhunter3232 and the darkness family is 3 alliances there names are "Warriors of darkness" "#Rholeplay4dayz" and "Bounty hunters" and no i did not create bounty hunters lol and the leaders are "Scarlet knight" aka my brother "Zeldafan" and my brotha from another motha "Kommander" who is also chat banned and I might make a 4th alliance Idk if I will but hey they are all good alliances and join them when u can


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