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Hound seems weak

I recently purchased Hound with 100k chips and took him straight to r5. After running him through all game content over the past week, it seems to me that his damage output just isn’t what it should be. His melee damage is some of the weakest I have seen and even his burn damage seems to barely do harm. I have multiple r4 bots that appear to hit a lot harder than Hound even without synergy or buffs being involved, yet Hound has a much higher attack rating. Has anyone else shared these thoughts?


  • First mistake, always test a bot before you r5. Yes hound is very underwhelming, I’m disappointed by this. Also, there is is thread about this already.
  • Billups1201Billups1201 Posts: 118
    I didn’t really care to test him out. I don’t have any issues playing with any of the bots in the game. A R5 is a R5, based on Hounds abilities he made the most sense for my paths in AM (I mostly run the pyrophobia path) I also don’t care for the other warrior bots that I currently have.
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,121
    That seems to be the General opinion, the good side is his synergies are amazing. I'm hoping for a buff because I need him to go to r4 for my team
  • LaprasLapras Posts: 258
    Hound sucks - enuf said
  • HalloweendmHalloweendm Posts: 395
    I agree about him sucking. I've got enough chips for three 3* Hounds and I'm probably going to get him just to feed him to my 4* Bonecrusher!
  • Billups1201Billups1201 Posts: 118
    It just doesn’t make sense that my r3 Wasp does more melee damage than r5 Hound.
  • ZapperZapper Posts: 186
    He is really weak. Such a shame, made a lengthy post about this.
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