Ready to GROW? [S17A League of Champions] wants to hear from you

Champions are forged in battle, not aged with time.

That willingness to be forged, and help forge others in battle is what we seek.

To do that, you could be a new player or you might be a vet. We don't care. What we care about is...

If you are hardworking, active...
If you consider yourself a team player...
If you want to feel like your actions actually matter...

...then S17A League of Champions could potentially be the most rewarding alliance you will ever join. More on that later...for now here are the boring details:

- Breaking Top 100 (very very close)
- Currently clearing AM Map 2 D45
- 100% exploration
- Increasing REWARDS (and difficulty) just about weekly
- FASTEST growing alliance (As far as I know)

These are the concrete stuff.

And if you're a hard-nosed fighter...that may be all you need...

But if your choice of alliance, your choice of how you spend you time, goes beyond simply the sparks that end up in your bag...and you actually care about how they ended up there...then read on for these other benefits of being in the S17A family:

Access to Knowledge warehouse
Facing pesky bots, questions you can't or don't want to ask in forums, updates that you can't make head or tail of? All this covered when you join the family

Never fight alone
S17A has player mentors who will nurture you and allow players with weaker bots to always fight to their advantage and have fun. We know how important that is, because they've all been there.

Room to Grow
We are all moving forward every week, and we have a top 100 sister alliance that's helping us to move even faster. The synergy of having a team slightly ahead of you makes sure our path, AND your growth is smooth(er).

No matter where you are in your journey, as long as you work hard and grow, we will help carry you until you are strong.

And then you may carry others along.

Because champions need to be forged.

P.S. PM @SilentMedley in game or add him on LINE if you're interested to learn more about joining us193yivaee47w.jpg


  • larriouslarrious Posts: 36
    We have 1 spot open. PM to see if we're a fit (and book a slot).
  • v4h6566x4jzl.png

    Im interested in joining. I messaged silentmedly on line and but couldn't find them in game so ill just post here as well
  • larriouslarrious Posts: 36
    We're happy to welcome @MegaManXV07 to the family. :)

    We may have another spot open for a retiring player so keep the PMs coming!

    P.S. For clarity, it's SilentMedley (with the "e" in medley).
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