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Hi guys, are you* fed up of apCr alliances that do nothing and go nowhere? Where no matter how much you grind you feel like you are just picking up the slack from others? Tired of your jokes and obscure SciFi references disappearing into the tumbleweed? Then join the Weevil army! We are a new alliance that are looking for active players to form a chaos legion of bots able to rise up and decimate those Top 100 cheaters and still have a laugh at the same time. Look out for Rezident Weevils [WEEVL]! *Level 40+ only. Active participants only. AM mandatory. GSOH mandatory. LINE chat app required. Over enthusiastic Harry Potter fans WILL be kicked.


  • Please join :'( I'm ace and I want our alliance to be ace too.
    I'm an experience player and as an officer have personally dragged 2 alliances kicking and screaming into the Top 200.
    I know the faults learned from other alliances and really want this to be a fun alliance that could still make it into the Top 100 given time (and without cheating mods :wink: ).
    I have even dropped the entry requirements to Level 30+. We're willing to coach and teach noobs as long as the effort, commitment and active participation are there.
    I'll even allow Harry Potter fans? I can't say fairer than that..
    Although Global Chat RHoleplayers are still banned. Regular LARPers are cool though.

    Peace X
  • Does this Alliance still have open spots, Im really try to be more competitive in the game but I don't feel like I have seen any good alliances. I think I'm pretty active.
  • Yes it does :) We're still quite new and so growing our roster. You are welcome to try us out.. look for the alliance [WEEVL] or search for me (Rezident Weevil) and add me. I searched for you but couldn't find you so assuming you run with a different name?
  • Hey guys! Guess what, we're recruiting again! :D Looking for Boss Killers lvl 40+ with 4*s that know their AMing schizzle yet can banter at the same time. Currently a level 215+ alliance. Potential Officers roles for the right candidates *flashes money*. Robot is now on Line so extra kudos points for anyone joining with the name Will Robinson. Now accepting Harry Potter fans too I suppose since I live just down the street from JK and she poked me with her witch-stick after my last couple of posts :/
  • Rezident_WeevilRezident_Weevil Posts: 77
    edited April 2018
    Hi folks! Me again. We have had some amazing feedback which is very much appreciated. We currently have one space open for the right candidate. Don't be shy. But must be an active player, active AMr, lvl 40+ with a few 4* bots or maxed 3*s, preferably have Line and a sense of humour. Females welcome. We need to balance our team out.
  • Hi we are recruiting again for 1 or 2 new members. MUST be an active player/AMr, lvl 40+ with a some decent 4* bots. Must have Line and preferably a sense of humour. Everyone welcome but some girls would be cool to balance the team as we are a total sausage-fest right now lol :#
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