I didn't get my arena reward

I participied on both 2-Stars and 3-Stars Ironhide Arenas this week. However I just got the 2-Star Arena reward on my in-game mailbox. I just checked Leaderboards for 3-Star Arena and I got 253th place.

Kinda unfair, since the rewards were kinda good. Hope I can still get the rewards during the day.


  • AmanoAmano Posts: 318
    Takes time
  • Alkaiser_93Alkaiser_93 Posts: 249
    Yep, I just got the mail in the inbox. Very productive day: got enough shards for PBC and 2-Stars and I also got 2 1-star Crystals. Managed to pull out a 2-star Mirage and 2-Star Bonecrusher and a 1-Star Rhinox and Mixmaster.

    I ALMOST got a 2-star Motormaster, which it's what I'm looking for along with a 2-Star Rachet and/or Arcee. Oh well.
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