Add more backgrounds!

I count that there are only 5-7 backgrounds. Please Kabam, add more sceneries to create new feelings for players.
I wish there would be Cosmic Star, Pits of Kaon and Lava Mountain Scenery.


  • Billups1201Billups1201 Posts: 102
    All this would do is create more issues for the game, which is clearly not needed.
  • TKOTKO Posts: 247
    @SpringNuance123 Why don't you just ask them to add more lag to the game while you're at it? Or maybe you decided not to ask them that since its implied with each update that its including more lag...
  • Oh I dont expecr that. But, it seems that the game is not lag on my phone so i didnt realize that
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 1,629
    I'd love to see more backgrounds in spite of higher lag risk, but HOPEFULLY they'll be reduced...soon
  • TyberiousTyberious Posts: 30
    I also would like to see more backgrounds eventually. Oil Rig, Sherman Dam, Destroyed Autobot City, Junkion Planet, Unicron's Insides and others based on G1 would ba awesome. Maybe one with Trypticon and Metroplex fighting in background.
  • AAGZ0921AAGZ0921 Posts: 153
    I would prefer to be able to choose a completely blacked out background so this game doesn't lag or freezes so much.
  • Despite there being some off-topic comments regarding other pieces of the game, I can understand wanting a change of scenery.

    Please understand that everyone on the forums is entitled to offer their own suggestions or ideas and we welcome that entirely, but with that said please be respectful of those posts and stay on topic of the thread. If you wish to report your game having issues, please find an open thread on the topic and share device information as this is not the thread for that topic.

    I'll share the suggestions with the rest of the team!
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