Its time we started getting 4* Crystal Shards from Duped 3*'s

I dont even fully understand why we dont already get 4* shards from 3* dupes, but it seems like an obvious feature that needs to be implemented now that this game has been live for almost a year now. We already get 3* shards from 2* dupes, so the trend should continue. There are VERY few ways for people to get 4* shards in this game currently. Even if we only got a handful of shards, at least it would be something.


  • BiomechronBiomechron Posts: 64
    edited March 13
    Um....except we don't get 3* shards from dupes. Never have, as far as I know. tmivsmgdicx1.jpg
  • MaxBebopMaxBebop Posts: 473
    When did this happen? We get 3* shards for duplicate 2stars? Your confused with the forge setup and duping
  • ReworkRework Posts: 84
    I think he's either confusing for Forging or he's thinking of another TF based game...
  • Stitch626Stitch626 Posts: 286
    Hmm, maybe I was confused about it - I thought we did get 3* shards from 2* dupes. Maybe the confusion came from playing MCOC also and thats how its done there. My mistake there.

    Either way though, this game is way to stingy when it comes to 4* shards in general, and I still believe they need to start making these more available or else this game will continue to slowly die due to lack of interest from newer players, and the feeling of being "stalled" that many players who have been playing since the start are feeling.
  • BiomechronBiomechron Posts: 64
    I feel the rate is pretty good right now actually. Inflation in 4* bots will come eventually when the 5* release. Until then, I think it's supposed to take time to collect them. I get 2-3 4* a month as it is now plus the featured bot. Been playing since end of August last year.
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