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Adjustment to Kickback


Kickback may have just been released, but we have discovered an unintended interaction between Kickback's Synergies and certain masteries that could prove game breaking.

The Enforcers Synergy that Kickback has with Motormaster and Ramjet will no longer stack if duplicate Bots that possess the Synergy are placed on the same team. The Highest Tier of Bot will always be the one that activates the Synergy.

This allows us to not have to change the actual values of the synergy. The individual Synergy will still be very strong and very capable.

We had to do this because of some potential interactions with all Debuffs. It was possible for all Debuffs to stack far too high, allowing for things like an almost infinite stun with Ramjet or leaving your Opponents T-Clogged indefinitely.

While we don't like to make these adjustments often, this one had to be done right away.,
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