Ongoing Nvidia Shield K1 tablet Issues.

Hi, i have been searching for months now for posts related to best settings for the Nvidia shield tab K1 for this game and have not found any help coming from the devs or any helpful replies on this matter. i have tried submitting several tickets as well in this matter just to receive Generic unhelpful replies suggesting the same thing over and over, no matter how many times the cashe is cleared or the game is reinstalled it never resolves the issues.

The constant random crashing while either loading a fight, During fights, switching menus like going back and forth from inventory to bot upgrade menu, while selecting bots before starting quests, the random frame rate drop during fights, while loading a fight or game mode and even while the game is just open and just sitting at one screen, it could be at the main screen, at the map screen while looking at the map in alliance quests or regular quests, the game just crashes.

i have tried several options for different app optimization settings and it does not matter what options are selected o even if the performance settings are either set to custom, disabled or let NVIDIA Optimize the game just randomly crashes.

IF any one has found any fixes or ways to prevent the crashes please let me know, So far i regret having spent spent money on a game that i can't play for more than 15 minutes without crashing.


  • I have the same issue, Kabam was able to fix these issues in mcoc but for some reason they can't fix it here.

    @Kabam Miike any news on a fix for Shield Tablet users?
  • DAIMOS_DAIMOS_ Posts: 9
    Just play on a chromebook. Its approved to use for this game.
  • SteelSHSteelSH Posts: 80
    I give up on my go to shield tablet and bought a 2017 9.7 ipad and wow what a difference ill never back. I love the shield but for this game the ipad is best platform by far
  • CheifloadedCheifloaded Posts: 148
    I also gave up trying to play on my shield tablet. It plays better on a galaxy s6.
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