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Legends of Cybertron: Revenge of the King


It takes a strong Commander to conquer the Rulers of Kaon and defeat the mighty Megatron and his horde of super powered Bots, but many of you have done it! One Bot, however, believed he didn’t need the help of the mighty Megatron to defeat the Commander, but many of you proved him wrong!

Grimlock is back, and he’s bringing his special Dinobot Mod out to play! Do you have what it takes to take the throne? Defeat Grimlock in the all new addition to the Legends of Cybertron, Revenge of the King!

Revenge of the King is the next chapter in the Legends of Cybertron. It is the sequel to, and evolution of, Rulers of Kaon. It is more difficult, and requires a more aggressive playstyle.

Now, King Grimlock isn’t so foolish that he’d underestimate the Commander twice in a row. This time he’s bringing his special Dinobot Mod. Introducing, Jurassic Spark! You’ll face off against 12 buffed and angry Bots, each of them with their own special Buff, as well as the Jurassic Spark Mod to make them even more terrifying!

The Jurassic Spark Mod is a special Mod that grants the Bot with an increasing counter in the fight that provides different Buffs upon reaching 25, 50, 75, and 99. Don’t fret though, playing aggressively is going to help here, because you can remove one stack of that counter by delivering 500 Damage to your opponent!

25 Stacks: Melee Fury
50 Stacks: Projectile Speed and Damage
75 Stacks: Special 3 is Unlocked
99 Stacks: Run and duck for cover, because your Opponent is Enraged. They’ll have all the above buffs, plus Power Gain, and they’ll become Unstoppable! You also will not be able to remove any stacks of the counter at this time! So word to the wise… Never let your opponent get to 99!

Now, seeing as this is the next step after Rulers Of Kaon, the rewards are also the next step up!

10,000 5-Star Bot Crystal Shards - That’s enough to open a 5-Star Bot Crystal!
1 Tier 4 Basic Spark - You’ll need this for your brand new 5-Star Bot!
1 of each Tier 3 Class Spark - You’ll use these for your 4-Star and 5-Star Bots!
10 Generic 5-Star Signature Upgrades
Stable Nucleon Core Relic - Gives Bots +5% Attack and Health in all game modes

Legends of Cybertron: Revenge of the King will be available when you update to Version 6.0 next week, but does require completing Rulers of Kaon first.
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