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hey, p-Sauce, potato here again with an idea

Does anyone else agree that it would be ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS if they added the constructicons/combaticons/ or the predacons. They wouldnt even have to combine, atleast have them be there, i mean think about it, If they add the combaticons, id finally get to make the joke of me ‘Tanking’ everything with Brawl, or for the constructicons ‘Taking Out the Trash’ with Long Haul, or (I cant think of another joke for a character) (also onslaught is my 3d favorite transformer ever kabam please) All in all, am i crazy for saying that the holy dev team should put in the combiner teams, ‘cept they wouldnt have to combine?

(Also i may be insane for saying this but am i the only one who heard soundwave actually having voice lines?) (Kabam you cheeky sneakys)


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