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Introducing: Objectives


With Version 6.0 on the horizon, we wanted to give you a little more insight into an exciting new feature, Objectives!

Objectives are sets of tasks for Commanders to complete in order to get rewards! To start with, we’ll have 2 Variations; Daily Objectives, and Achievements.

Daily Objectives will reset every day, and provide rewards for just doing what you do everyday, while Achievements are permanent achievements that will not reset, but offer much more lucrative rewards for reaching milestones like hitting Level 30, or for winning 1,000 Mission fights! Achievements will also be retroactive.

We have a few notes for you all on these as well:

Daily Rewards must be claimed before the day ends, or they will be lost into the ether! Make sure to not leave your Objectives until the last minute!

There are a few stretch goals in Achievements, so don’t expect to be able to hit them all right away!

There is a set of Achievements for hitting a set Team Rating. You achieve these Team Rating goals upon entering a mission. The goal includes the Original Bot rating, plus the bonus granted by Synerhies, but excludes the rating bonus from Boosts, Masteries, and Relics, so your displayed Team Rating will not be accurate for this Achievement.

That’s all folks! Get ready! You’ll be able to see these when Version 6.0 is available!
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