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6.0 Away Missions Refresh


When your Bots need a break from all the action of Spotlight Missions, or raiding another Commander’s Base for Raid Chips and Medals, you can always rely on being able to send them on an Away Mission for some extra rewards. But these rewards, and these missions, are kind of outdated. While the rewards you could earn for these missions, and the rarities of these missions, made sense a year ago when we first launched the game, this is no longer the case.

You’d be hard pressed to find a Commander that isn’t able to guarantee a success on every Away Mission they send their Bots on, or really in need of the Tier 1 Alpha Spark Essence that you can earn from them.

It’s time for a revamp, and here it is! You’ll still see the Missions that you are used to, but we’re changing the rewards in the rarer Away Missions to include Tier 2 Alpha Spark Essence, Tier 3 Basic Spark Essence, 4-Star Bot Crystal Shards, and even some Tier 3 Class Spark Essence! We’re also gonna be adding new Away Missions that will allow you to win Featured Bot Chips for the Bot of the Month with the new “Search for Bot Chips” Away Missions. But with buffed up rewards come some buffed up requirements!

Previously, it was pretty simple to guarantee a success on even the Rarest and most demanding of Away Missions. These new rare missions will require a stronger team to Guarantee a success, but the risk may very well be worth the reward, just as they once were when many of you were in need of the rewards from the old Away Missions.

Lastly, it’s time to take Arena Chips out of Away Missions. They’ll be removed from the game completely with 6.0, so they’ll be leaving Away Missions as well. Don’t worry, your remaining Arena Chips will be converted to Arena Crystals (1000 Chips to 1 Crystal).
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