Repair Module (Let's Talk)

Since the only mod apparently available to me in 4 star crystals is the repair mod let's talk about how terrible it is. How about an update to this mod?

I wouldn't even mind facing an updated mod because I usually kill any bot on it before it even triggers.

Perhaps making the heal more frequent or adding something like Ratchet's, Shock or Wasp's sig to it. Literally anything to make it better. The only bot that really benefits from armor on a heal over time is Ratchet. Otherwise the armor bonus while it heals is pointless.

Something like Ratchet's sig where if you did too much damage on a single blow would be interesting.

I realize a lot went into 6.0 but the standard mods really need an update.


  • cml007cml007 Posts: 38
    X2, I rarely if ever see it trigger
  • woo224woo224 Posts: 177
    Rank 1-3 Repair is weak, but Rank 4 at 1000 Health is decent in my opinion. How much health does a Rank 5 Repair Module Repair?
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