That “Objectives” button placement

The button to tap on to view the objectives as a peculiar placement on the home base screen. It seems to cover the alliance help tower building or whatever that is. You can still get to the alliance help, just have to pay attention to where you’re tapping.

Maybe if the objectives button and view ads for energon buttons were stacked vertically instead of side by side, it would be a little better.

Just to note, I’m using a tablet so it may be okay on a phone screen.


  • Red_EyesRed_Eyes Posts: 905
    I agree, it is kind of in the way. Sometimes I miss Alliance help requests because they are hiding behind the objectives button.
  • splendicsplendic Posts: 56
    Agree. It blocks the alliance tower and the right side relics.

    Please move.
  • Hey there!

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll bring this up to the rest of the team to see what we can do about it.
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