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Ancient Sanctum crystal idea

So, it’s a well known fact that I despise the map3 crystals. With T3C essence growing ever most important I think it’s time for a change.

Remove T1As completely, and remove revives. But not completely. Here’s what I think should be done.

AM kit crystal! Move the team and single revives to these crystals, of course it’d be overpowering to have too many of these crystals so I think having 3-5x less shards then the AS crystals would be alright. That would really help us with growing in T3C essence since all we’re getting is an excess of revives and not the T3C essence or anything else.

35% T2 single revive kit
20% T2 team revive kit
15% T3 single repair kit
15% T3 single revive kit
10% T3 team revive kit
4.5% T4 single revive kit
0.5% T4 single repair kit

I’d like to see everyone’s opinions on this please! Hopefully Kabaam will see this and work towards something like it!


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