And the lag is back... Well... It never actually left...

@Kabam Miike Do we have any more news regarding the lag and slow motion fighting and delayed movement?

After battling through so much lag month after month I finally decided to check if my battery might have been bad (since it was over heating) and to my surprise, the battery tests came back all positive.

Then I decided to completely wipe my phone and start from a factory reset device to see if maybe theres something wrong with the software or downloads that exist on the phone.

Unfortunately even after that I am still experiencing laggy fights and delayed movements and slow motion battles. It continues to make these long fights very frustrating to deal with ESPECIALLY within the new RotK and if this persists I cant see any other way to get through without throwing energon at the game. I can't see how that is fair to us users.

Is there any real news regarding this topic? Its been a year now and all we get is "We are looking into it".

You guys finally pulled through with a nice update to help the players but all that means nothing if that game can't be played.


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    What device are you using?
  • TKOTKO Posts: 246
    Red_Eyes wrote: »
    What device are you using?

    iPhone 7+
  • TKOTKO Posts: 246
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    I'm getting my hands on Razer phone soon. Also looking into buying a Black Shark from Xiaomi when it comes out (I love technology, sue me). I'm playing the game from several high-end models and the crashing/lagging has not slowed down one bit. I think it will be the same once I get those other two phones...
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