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Must needed MOAR space for SPARKS and Repair

It has been year and game has been developed in my way either its Spark , shards maps or difficulty.

But the most basic and Important things which are not highlighted are SPACE for keeping

Basic sparks , class spark and ALPHAS

T1b spark and t2b are always staying in my stash and i endup selling them instead of upgrading.
But now as the amount of t3b is increased there are also moving to stash cause I don’t have that much gold to use them. (Away mission ask too much gold )

t2c spark also need a space of atleast 20 .

T1A Alpha are all over pls look for there space increase.

T2A also have less space compared to t3c spark which is no where to be found easily.
Which is 7 in comparison to 12 of t3c .

Last but important repairs and revives of AM have very same space too . Kindly try to increase them as well


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