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New suggestion: Fix your servers KABAM

Before I start ranting in this new discussion, to the people who view this, community or kabam employee, I've done everything that I can do to fix this, so commenting solutions does nothing for me.

My game is getting to the point where it is unplayable, and I get no enjoyment from it thanks to kabam. I've put months of effort into it, and have gotten pretty far for someone who has used little to no money on it. So here's a new suggestion kabam, fix your damn servers. My game crashing makes the game awful now, I cannot do a single mission without losing half or more of my top bots health thanks to the game crashing. I should not be punished because your terrible servers make this happen. If the crashing doesn't stop soon I've earned my alliance that I'm just going to uninstall the game. I've sent repeated emails to Kabam asking for help and they all give me the response saying this is MY FAULT. My phone runs every other game I play smoothly, so this is your fault. Fix your servers in the next update, otherwise I'm done and so are others like me.


  • UrAverageMalakaUrAverageMalaka Posts: 271
    What device do you play on?
  • XhibitAXhibitA Posts: 201
    I wouldn't go as far as saying "It's their servers" causing the issue. TBH, there are thousands of people playing the game that are not experiencing what you are which is likely why it may be environmental (specific to your device and/or settings). Just saying..
  • willdorfwilldorf Posts: 86
    Game crashing generally isn't a server issue, it's a game client issue, the client only connects to the server to receive and transmit account and progress details. The game isn't constantly talking with the server through a fight, it tells the server that it's starting a fight, and then at the end it tells the server the result (win/lose and amount of health left)
  • ChaosDogmaChaosDogma Posts: 8
    Regardless this has to stop, I'm tired of people asking me about my device. It doesn't matter, every other game I play which Is a lot never crashes and run smoothly. And if it is a game client issue they have to fix that now. Its bullshit, absolute bullshit
  • Hey folks. Unfortunately, this is not an issue that can be resolved by posting rants on the forums. The Support Team is there to handle things like this, and angry tirades are against the forum rules. As such, since there's no additional constructive conversation that can occur here, I'll be closing the thread.
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