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New Daily, 4-Hour, and Alliance Crystals


Along with the refresh to Alliance Mission Rank, Milestone, and Crystal Rewards, v6.1 also comes with a refresh and a change to Alliance Crystals, Daily Crystals, and 4 Hour Crystals.

First, the brand new Alliance Crystal now provides only items and consumables usable in Alliance Missions. This includes Tier 2 and 3 Alliance Revives, Repair Kits, and Team Repair Kits, as well as Alliance Mission Boosts and Alliance Mission Energy Refills.

Secondly, we’re creating brand new Daily and 4 Hour Crystals that will become available to Commanders as they reach Commander Level 40. We’re calling these Elite 4-Hour and Elite Daily Crystals! The Elite Crystals allow us to give more level appropriate rewards as Commanders progress.

The Elite 4-Hour Crystal contains Gold, Tier 3 Class Ore, Tier 2 Basic & Class Sparks, Tier 3 & 4 Repair Kits and Team Repair Kits, and Tier 3 & 4 Revive Kits.

The Elite Daily Crystal gets rid of 1-Star Bots and Mods, and keeps the 2-Star and 3-Star Mods and Bots, and now has a rare chance at a 4-Star Bot or Mod!

Like the Alliance Mission Map Crystals, old crystals that you have in your Inventory will not be updated to the new Crystals. Any Commander that is not already Level 40 will have the new Crystals become available to them after they reach Level 40. After reaching Level 40, your next Crystals available to you will be the updated crystals.
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