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On Cheating and Using Exploits

Hi everybody.

It has come to our attention that some of you are concerned over players using exploits, hacks, and cheating to gain an advantage over others in the game. We want to assure you that we are not ignoring those concerns, and that we are investigating the cases and will punish those that break the rules. This means that using exploits or applications that modify the experience of the game, or upset the balance of fair play, can be banned from the game permanently.

There are different scales of punishment for different infractions of the rules. For instance, we are not going to punish a player that exploits a system that we may have left in the game (a bug that grants extra rewards, or gives them an edge in a certain mode) as much as somebody that used a 3rd Party Modification to beat another Alliance or in a Raid that puts another player at a disadvantage).

Let us be clear - if you hack, cheat, share your account, attempt to sell your account or commit fraud, we will find you and punish you in order to protect the game playing experience for our honest and dedicated players.

If you are wondering where to report new hacks or mods you think you've found, or suspicious player activity - you can PM a forum moderator, or contact customer service directly. Posts sharing information on how to hack or cheat the game, as well as accusing other players of cheating will be removed from our forums.
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