Feed the Beast. Wants you !!

We are a dedicated bunch of players growing strong and having fun together. Are current rating is 750k. Currently on map 3 but usually do high map 2. We will work our way up to map3. SO If ya want a place where theirs cool people that enjoy this game then hit me up.


  • RampageTXRampageTX Posts: 19
    In response to a question. We are looking for atleast 2. If you have some 4stars but need help moving them up we can help as a team.
  • JmdJmd Posts: 8
    Would it be OK if I joined? I've never been in an active alliance before. I've also got a unduped 4* OG Prime that I'm going to level up to 4 just as soon as I get enough gold to max him out after leveling him up. I've got a number of other 4* bots but none except Bludgeon are duped and none are leveled, and I've got a 3* MV Prime that's totally leveled up and forged to 75.

  • RampageTXRampageTX Posts: 19
    I thank you would be a fine addition. Message me in game I'll get you in when I can. Anyone else do the same I may have one more spot open up. We are currently set to complete map 2 level 32 with 2 to 3 full explorations. We are an active bunch from everywhere but mostly USA. We are in the fun stage of working our way up and we will reach top 100 and further. So if you have so / so not very active allaince maybe you should check out <Feed the beast>
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