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Stand Together Mastery

It's a question I've heard asked do I know a specific mastery is working or not...

In this case, I can't tell if stand together has any effect or if it's working as intended but there is juat no visual que.

In today's AM, fighting Megatron, my bot attack rating and PI was exactly the same as every other non-class advantage fight in the AM. None of my bots had been KOd.

With 1 point in stand together I expected to see my attack increased by 3.5% per bot, and at least a numerical change in attack rating and maybe an increase in PI.

Is there any way to tell if it's working?


  • dtorreskaterdtorreskater Posts: 98
    Yeah I'd like to know that too since I have a point in stand together and plan on more if it really is worth while.
  • Y2KY2K Posts: 252
    Just trust Kabam. PI display may have random issues especially with those non-permanent masteries. For example, should the PI increase for 1 second when you activate the counterpunch mastery?
  • m00nshinem00nshine Posts: 28
    Noticed after posting that if you pause the game during the boss fight, you can see an attack buff tied to stand together is called out. There is no other indication in the attack rating/PI.
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