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Compensation for Players affected on Saturday

@Kabam Miike

Hey Kabam,

Can we get some kind of acknowledgement of the huge screw up that happened Saturday? I think an apology and a promise of some sort of compensation to affected players would go a long way.

A number of players, probably totally over a hundred, who were by and large only Android users, and who purchased the deals erroneously priced at $6, were expecting a compensation of some energon, and instead were locked out of the game for 12+ hours.

These players lost tons of rewards, myself losing approximately the following:

3000 blaster chips, 15 energon, 1 pbc, 13 arena crystals, 15k gold, 2500 t2a essence, other raid store items, away mission rewards, gold from base, 120 energy worth of mission running

As well as the fact that many alliances were affected and lost exploration rewards during that day's AM.

Because AM is arguably the most important game mode to players, I would also suggest that you guys have a moderator working during the weekend, ready to nip problems like this in the bud. If a mod had noticed this problem when we first posted (early Saturday morning) it could have been resolved before a lot of people became upset.

Anyways, look forward to hearing some sort of reply from you guys. Thanks.


  • Red_EyesRed_Eyes Posts: 963
    I think they gave some energon as compensation to those affected but yeah I can see how you would think that falls short.

    If Kabam wants to hire another moderator for the weekend, I'm available!
  • they were supposed to give 50 energon for the wrong price paid, and their attempt to apply that was most likely what killed our access. They still haven't said anything about the downtime or chaos it caused in alliances, and i don't think we even found out if we actually got the original energon yet. Last note from Kabam in that thread is just "we're still looking in to it"
  • Red_EyesRed_Eyes Posts: 963
    oh yeah, the energon was for the other issue.
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