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Buffs and Debuffs should not be running or activated during 3rd Specials

From the launch of this game I noticed that during a bots 3rd special, timed buffs/debuffs were still running instead of halting until the special was finished. In Marvels Contest of Champions that is how its done and it definitely should be the case here as well...

There are so many times where you get screwed because of this. Some cases are when you are Waspinator and you get hit by Rhinox's 3rd special and because of all the bleeds he added on you, you can end up dying and revving and dying again before you even have control of the bot again. How is that fair?

Also, in a case where you are being damaged by bleed/shock during a level 3 special and shortly after you have access to your bot again you end up dying because you took so much damage from the debuff during the special you just couldn't do anything about it. But, if the damage stopped during the level 3 special and started again after it was over, you might have had a chance to kill the bot before your health drained completely.

This also goes for buffs like regeneration. Megatron can regenerate during your level 3 special and it completely ruins the strategies of trying to kill him before the regeneration takes affect.

Another case is Optimus Prime MV1's signature ability. If you were to use a level 3 special that would kill him, his signature ability would trigger during the special and stop him from taking so much damage.

I have thought this needed to be looked at for the longest time and thought it might have been touched at one point but I guess not.


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