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KABAM cheats with points for Alliance Mission

Kabam why you cheat/count wrong total points for all 4 days Alliance Missions? You counted 1 840 851 points for all 4 AMs which is fake! but the true sum of all our points should be 1 844 534 . Look at screenshots and do proper math please!
I demand correction of our points





  • Canuck33Canuck33 Posts: 65
    I just tallied ours up and they match exactly, that is really odd in your case as I also tallied them up and your math is correct.
  • We're gonna take this to the team and see if they know what's up here, but come on... Let's not jump to "Kabam Cheats" because something might be wrong. We're not all that bad...

    Bugs happen, and when they do arise, we work our hardest to get them addressed as soon as we can. We wouldn't intentionally try and take the points you worked hard for away from you. That's not good for us, or you!
  • RegnatorRegnator Posts: 15
    Ok , sorry for accusation, I thinking about some questions...
    what if some other Alliances also have deficiency in points at the end of AM seasons. Where did these points go? Maybe small amounts from couple Alliances are transfered to specific account of Alliance "X" and we dont know that? These are small amounts so nobody care right?
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