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KABAM I don't know what you guys did to the AI in the 6.0 update, but whatever it is, you need to reverse it immediately. Ever since 6.0, the AI in this game has been cheating. I cannot count the number of time the artificial intelligence has broken through my block despite me having my finger held down on the block button, and no unblockable mod being equipped, and not using a heavy attack.

ON TOP OF THAT, ENEMY SPECIAL ATTACKS ARE HITTING ME FROM ACROSS THE FIGHTING ARENA. This one is extremely aggravating. I and many others in my alliance have gotten hit by special attacks because the AI will either pull itself towards you or suck you into it's special attacks.

Counter attacks having been getting me killed lately to. Its a common tactic among players to let the AI dash into a block then the player will dash back in between the AI's combo and counter with a medium combo of our own. This is almost impossible to pull off now because the AI will still hit me while my bot is in the middle of the attack animation; yet when the AI does this, I get hit. Sometimes, the AI hits me even though i can see my bot's fist make contact with the enemy.

This leads me to my next issue with this game. This problem has been going on since shortly past the game launched. Often times my bot's melee attacks will not make contact with the enemy bot even though they are standing right in front of me.

Trigger delay (otherwise known as input lag) has gotten really bad since the 6.0 patch. When I press the screen to attack or block or use a special, it takes about half a second or more for my bot to respond to the command, making it harder to complete fights at higher difficulties which require split second timing. Just recently, I was fighting a sharkticon on the expert spotlight mission and got killed because my bot would not dash back. The shark hit me with the first part of it's special 2 but I was blocking so i was ok. Then, the special timed 4 mod kicked in and I got killed because my bot wold not move back despite me swiping left multiple times. My bot just continued to block for some reason.'

KABAM I love this game. I've been playing since launch. I love how you guys managed to fit transformers from different continuities into a game and have it make sense (from a writing perspective). Hell i was permanently chat banned in game back in December for reasons that are still unknown to me because I cant get into contact with someone on your dev, team and I still come back because when this game works as intended, It is fun. So please KABAM fix these issues before players start leaving.


  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    edited May 2018
    Just one point many players aren't aware of...

    At high difficulty levels, the enemy special attacks will almost always target where you are standing, no matter how far away you are.

    The trick to avoiding them successfully is to dodge at virtually the moment of impact, and not to dodge early or it just tracks you to your new position.

    All you need is a slight adjustment to your usual timing.

    And yes, if you attack at the moment AI launches a special, it feels like you get sucked into the attack, when in reality, it is just the above description taking effect.

    It just takes a bit of practice, you'll get the hang of it.

    As for the blocking... I have no comment on that.

    The "coming up short" attack and whiffing air is definitely an issue. All I can say to that is be ready to dash back when it happens.
  • MaxBebopMaxBebop Posts: 481
    It could be a buffer problem, slight lag can do what you are experiencing.
  • JKLJKL Posts: 997
    I hate that air punch. It’s like the distance that determines whether it’s a range or melee needs to be fine tuned.
  • that1guythat1guy Posts: 374
    Just a heads up, I've found it to reduce the 'trigger lag', it's best to let your device cool down and not play over extended use to make your device heat up.

    As for the rest, ditto what Manthro said.
  • Booster_BlueBooster_Blue Posts: 580
    The AI is ridiculous sometimes. I love how the AI can launch a heavy or a special and then IMMEDIATELY block my attack.
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