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Of Gauntlets, Updated AM, Super Bosses, and Wars OR TFTF 7: the Search for More Content

Let's talk about content; we need more of it. Lots more.

It's time to stop stretching Spotlight out for over a month and reduce it to 2 or 3 weeks followed by Gauntlet mission that has dialogue to tie up the Spotlight mission.

It's time to update the super stale AM map with new bots and new mods.

It's time to have a super boss battle mode (this means bots like your Sixshots, your Overlords, Tarns, and Black Shadows and Thunderwings) where all 18 players have to take down one NPC boss with enough HP (or game mechanics like the 5 phase mods on the current Megatron boss mod) to keep players busy for a week or so.

It's time for ALLIANCE WARS!

Adding new levels like Master is nice, but it's not nearly enough. Your spenders are dying of boredom here and starting to lose interest. At least trot out some T4B we can win from a Prime Challenge or something. Anything!


  • Orion_pax13Orion_pax13 Posts: 237
    I have too agree they should add the gauntlet back in once in done with the spotlight mission I'm bored this should make it more fun and also add a way to get t3 class
  • DonApisDonApis Posts: 544
    You can get t3c when 100% completed master mode. T4b essence is more proper reward.
  • Orion_pax13Orion_pax13 Posts: 237
    That's difficult to do right now
  • DonApisDonApis Posts: 544
    That's difficult to do right now

    Its master mode. Of course that mode is difficult if you do not have high rank bots.
    If you can not do master mode, you can try expert mode. 5k t3c essence is a very good reward.
  • Orion_pax13Orion_pax13 Posts: 237
    I cannot even beat expert
  • WolfmillsWolfmills Posts: 466
    There are those that take the entire month to get through the spotlight, however a lot of us are done with all 5 levels by day 14 or 15, but adding a gauntlet type mission every month would keep things interesting, bring the gauntlet in for the last two weeks for those that dont play around getting the spotlight done, and give us more t4b essence or even full sparks for completion or exploration of the master levels. And map 3 was stale when it came out, yes it was a new challenge due to the mods, etc, but ALOT of people quit shortly after it was released and then another wave left when 5* bots were introduced!
  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 2,485
    Taking a big boss is kind of a neat idea. Pick a difficulty level on how tough the super boss is and rewards dependent on how high the level is.

    On a similar note. Alliance quests would be neat. Take a handful of alliance members with a team of three bots each to do a mission to earn rewards for the alliance. Kind of like a mini AM.

    Teams have to be though out because maybe another alliance quest may pop up that may need someone’s skills, but they’re already in another quest. So you’re not just throwing in your best guys all the time.

    Different quests with different mods and bots and rewards based on the difficulty level. Something to do while off the AM cycle.
  • VavatronVavatron Posts: 843
    Be careful what you wish for, too much content is the reason why I left MCOC.

    I think the pacing here is perfect.
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