Filling in that 5th slot

Ok, here's my dilemma--I have for my 4* team, Ironhide, Windblade, Dinobot and Bludgeon. I need to choose a Tech and a Brawler to fit in that 5th spot depending on what's needed. I have:
Tech: Mirage (unduped) or Blaster (unduped).
Brawler: Motormaster (duped) or MV1 (unduped) or Grimlock (unduped).

Right now I'm better with Mirage but I really like Blaster too and he's still new enough that he's still fun to play. I haven't seen Blaster have control of the fight the way Mirage does, but he seems to be the go-to-guy for shutting down ranged attacks and his fighting style isn't annoying like Hot Rod's. So, I'm really on the fence with these two.

For my Brawlers, I've got the most practice with Motormaster and he's my guilty pleasure (I like just crashing into bots with him), but I like my 3* duped Grimlock too. MV1 I pretty much use just when there's going to be HAs or bleeding involved, but I know he can lay down some serious damage too!


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    Mirage unduped is a no go for high level content and AM.If you duplicate him,he becomes great.Unblockable Sp2 and a lot more damage and utility.
    For Techs: Blaster,Shockwave,Ratchet are better than Mirage if none is duplicated.
    You should also consider synergies when you build your main team.

    Grimlock unduped is average as well.But if you duplicate him,he is very useful in some paths in AM,Spotlights,Raids...
    Mv1 even unduped is a monster.He is one of the most durable bots and can be very useful on some AM lanes,Spotlights.You can solo any base only with Mv1 if you play slowly and smart.
    MM is not meta for the current high level content anymore.But duplicated he deals good damage.You just need to play him carefully and not overly offensive despite his unstoppable.Cause in high level content like Master, will slowly die if you rush it.
  • HalloweendmHalloweendm Posts: 312
    Thanks for the advice. Right now Blaster and Mirage are my only 4* Techs. I've been leaning toward MV1 for my Brawler spot, especially considering synergy with my Ironhide. And the Blademaster synergy is a big reason for my Dinobot, Windblade and Bludgeon bots being together. I just got Dinobot duped and that combined with the synergy means he's hitting a heck of a lot harder!

    I just got another 4* since I posted this, and its G1 Prime. I haven't had time to rank him up yet, but now I'm torn between Dinobot (my favorite) and Prime. I've had a 3* Prime almost from the start and he's a frickin beast against pretty much anyone, even if they're 1000+ higher power rating, so I can only imagine the damage a 4* G1 Prime can do!
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