Which bot to r4?

Only Arcee and Mirage are duped.
Bonecrusher synergises with my r4 Scrapmetal Megatron.

Which bot to r4? 8 votes

DavienFaithz17Bumblebee254NinjaHunterXBntyhntr3232_UrAverageMalaka 6 votes
Shockwaves_jdjcjdjxThunderman17 2 votes


  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,371
    Whoops, I accidently posted this before I could finish the poll. The other 2 options are Galvatron and Bonecrusher.
    The forum system doesn't allow me to edit the poll options
  • Y2KY2K Posts: 252
    So my vote goes to Bonecrusher.... I was swaying between a sig15 Arcee and an unduped BC till I finally succumbed to the sheer difference between their life bars.
  • Mirage
    Mine goes to bonecrusher or galvatron. Galvatron because how quickly he can end a fight and bonecrusher from his bleeds
  • Starkiller7Starkiller7 Posts: 78
    Bonecrusher for sure
  • that1guythat1guy Posts: 349
    With that team, BC is a very solid choice.
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,371
    I'm currently missing a good power controller (Rhinox' Rhino ram kinda sucks) and a hard hitter to fight bleed immune and Optimus Primal, so I'm kinda leaning towards my Mirage
  • Bntyhntr3232_Bntyhntr3232_ Posts: 1,932
    Mirage is the way to go
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