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My next 4* project

Looking for any advice on who to take to r4 next, since I’m almost finished my main team. None of my options fit around my current team of galvatron, g1 megs and shockwave, so I’m not against building a bot for defence. All listed are r2 and Current dupe status and rank is listed. Also have mixmaster, sideswipe and blaster at r1, but can’t fit them all in the poll.

My next 4* project 9 votes

Ironhide (duped) r2
11% 1 vote
Rhinox (duped) r2
0% 0 votes
Arcee (duped) r2
22% 2 votes
Windblade (duped) r2
44% 4 votes
Barricade (duped) r2
0% 0 votes
Mirage (duped) r2
11% 1 vote
Hot rod r2
0% 0 votes
Grindor r2
0% 0 votes
Primal r2
11% 1 vote


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