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MV1 or Grimlock for RoK?

Both are duped. Is it better to have Grimlock’s neutralization of DoT or MV1’s generally better skills and bleed negation?
What about general use? Who’s better to R4?


  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 651
    MV1 will be your better choice for Chapter 1. With BC's reflect, Grimlock will suffer because he won't be able to use his heavy attack. Grimlock will, however, help with Mirage, but then again an r5 WB, Mirage, or Kickback could also help too (provided you can get KB's heavy off fast enough to neutralize the shock damage AND not get hit with more shock damage during the heavy).
  • Black_ThoughtBlack_Thought Posts: 129
    Mv1 without question.
  • Mufc14Mufc14 Posts: 236
    Both would be much better, Mv1 is useless against Mirage which is by far the hardest so you’ll need Grim for this fight, on the other hand Mv1 is the best against BC which is the second hardest bot in RoK.
  • JamzJamz Posts: 8
    Awesome, thanks guys. I upgraded MV1 for the time being, but will probably upgrade Grimlock at a later date if just for raids.
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