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Joining in back in

Hello fellow Cybertronians and all. Long story short I started playing this game 3 months ago an have stop for in those 3 months, but have I have a lot of progress made with my previous alliance and play time, but was removed due to my absence. However I am going back into the game and am Looking for an alliance that I could join and be apart of. Seeing that I've caught up on all of the updates and changes this game has gone through while I was away I am will to do my part as a team to join an alliance if recurting so. Thank you.


  • Canuck33Canuck33 Posts: 244
    Hi Leo, what is you in game name I can't find you? Also have you found a good home yet?
  • LeoPrime13LeoPrime13 Posts: 2
    Sorry uh I already found one that I was invited to yesterday, but thank you for your offer. Keep in touch and my in game user name is Metallion
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