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iPhone X issues

WarCatWarCat Posts: 171
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I’ve had my new phone for 3 weeks now and as much as I have been trying to retrain myself how to play the game on the X, it’s just gets more frustrating. There are complete dead zones on the sides that the game won’t even recognize that commands are being made. The red blocks on the both sides of the pic are dead zones. If your thumb slides past a certain point on the leftccrsh0nqi2a1.jpeg

, your bot will drop its block and go into a full dash. There is never any warning and you either get off a couple of hits or take a full combo to the face. There is a lot of artifacts that show up in fights, random bits of information like arrows, numbers, and other such things. It’s all pointing to the fact that if you have a new phone, this game might not work on it. I will tag the mods, but to be perfectly honest, I expect them to ignore this post like they ignore all posts with legitimate bug complaints.


  • WarCatWarCat Posts: 171
    Device specifics:
    Apple iPhone X 256gb
    Model #: MQAN2LL/A
    iOS: 11.3.1
    Carrier: AT&T 32.0
    The problem occurs when game is played on the cellular network or when using WiFi.
    The problems listed in the above post happen in all combat modes, with any player bot against any bot controlled by the games AI. Duration of playtime does not appear to be a factor.
  • We'll get this shared with the rest of the team. Definitely an annoying error to be dealing with.
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