Ratchet or Mirage?

Trying to make a decision on who I want to resources into. Ratchet has an excellent synergy with Optimus and has amazing healing. Mirage, I find, deals more damage and can control the fight more efficently. Mirage also has an interesting synergy with Generations Bumblebee (which I’m still trying to get... :().

I’m just kinda torn on who I should choose here and would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

Ratchet or Mirage? 27 votes

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  • WolfmillsWolfmills Posts: 247
    They both have their place and their usage, ratchet does need a buff though, mostly i the attack department, i find i bring him on missions jist in the off chance he might heal optimus to get me through a tough fight, if you have mastered the art of getting your bots to stand back and shoot ranged then mirage can definitely be useful, i have personalybalready forged off my 4* mirage.... only time i ever really used him was arenas, so even though he had one of the higest sig levels of any of my 4* he wasnt very useful to me personally
  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 901
    You'll be better off with the Ratchet/OG tandem, but Mirage is by no means a slouch, for all the reasons you described.

    I just know that the higher you go in difficulty in game modes like AM, the more you'll use /need Ratchet and his synergy with OG; unless you're comfortable with spending on revives/repairs or are just a total ninja and don't get hit. Then you're better off using Mirage.

    At the end of the day though you honestly can't go wrong with either choice; they both have solid synergies with other bots too.

  • BumblebeeBumblebee Posts: 581
    Hey guys, thanks for your input. After some thought, I decided to go with Ratchet. I think his synergy should benefit lots in the long run!
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