Hey guys and gals Feed the beast is looking for one more member for our merry band of misfits. We ranked 156 last week in AM. Applicants MUST BE:
- speak English
- and have a rating of at least 28k
We are a pretty chill group so long as you help in AM. We use the line app for comms and we are running at least map 2 lvl 38 for AM.
So drop me a request in game at insanecloud or on the line app insanecloud or just reply to this message.


  • RampageTXRampageTX Posts: 19
    We currently have room for 1 more too. Great alliance that is growing up before our eyes. An active bunch of players that are mostly laid back.
  • InsanecloudInsanecloud Posts: 66
    We still have one spot open and we ranked 151 this last weekend
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