The New Order is recruiting for Map 3

DrkPrinzDrkPrinz Posts: 24
edited May 30 in Alliance Recruitment
TNO has two spots open and we are looking for players capable of handling Alliance Mission Map 3 {Difficulty 10+)

Our Alliance has a rating over a Million and always Rank in the Top 100 in Alliance Missions.

We expect everyone to be a part of Alliance Missions and Spotlight Event other than that we have no mandatory conditions. Feel at home in our Alliance, we respect your real life and believe that life has priority over a game.

Communications regarding Alliance mission assignments will be communicated through the Line App, so if you are interest to be a part of our Alliance family then please add the Line Id Cjam222

With the new Map 3 update En route, we like to be prepared with the BG assignments so hurry up please.

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