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Rezident Weevils are Recruiting! Join the Weevil Army! (For ACTIVE AMrs lvl 45+)

Rezident_WeevilRezident_Weevil Posts: 77
edited June 2018 in Alliance Recruitment
Hi all!

Are you* fed up of apCr alliances that do nothing and go nowhere? Where no matter how much you grind you feel like you are just picking up the slack from others? Huge AM potential but your alliance isn't using it? Tired of your jokes and obscure geek references disappearing into the tumbleweed? Then join the Weevil army!

We are a fast growing, AM heavy, highly recommended alliance that are looking for active players to form a chaos legion of bots able to rise up and pown our way into the Top 100 (current rank 172) and still have a laugh at the same time. Look for alliance Rezident Weevils [WEEVL] or send me a PM ;)

*Must be Level 45+ or equivalent. Active AM participants only. LINE chat app required. Good sense of humour recommended ;)
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