Willpower mastery

Anyone run this and found a use for it yet? Seems to be the absolute biggest waste of energon yet.

At high level, IF you can get an attack in before your 4 second debuff expires, you've already taken far too much damage for that measly 70 odd hp to make any difference.

The functionality of this mastery is absolutely flawed. Unless you're fighting Rhinox or Bonecrusher, you're only going to get debuffs from BEING HIT. Therefore, you then have to wait for the initial attack to end and somehow manage to counter (anyone who plays expert, master or map 3 AM at 40+ will know this requires patience) to heal up a tiny, tiny amount.

This is a high level mastery - it needs 9 of the most expensive doodads to unlock it. What use does it have?

Kabam, we need a change on this or at least some clarity on it's intended practical use.

There are barely any scenarios where it is a practical mastery and even fewer bots still that apply debuffs long enough for this to be of any use. Please rework it.


  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,479
    Widow wrote: »
    To be fair, all defensive masteries only benefit you if you get hit.....

    Isn't that the problem with this one? It only activates when you're being hit but for it to work, you need to be hitting - so essentially it only functions when on offense but activates in a defensive way. Hence why it only really works in a very limited sense against Rhinox or Bonecrusher, because you can activate it offensively. I can't think of any bots that apply a debuff for long enough for us to be able to utilise it effectively either.

    Should be like MCoC, where by you heal X% per tick whilst a debuff is active.
  • Mr_WonderfulMr_Wonderful Posts: 550
    I put some into willpower a while back.... not really worth it. Only use I found was against HA, and even then, the hp regained didn’t outpace the bleed damage.
  • Y2KY2K Posts: 252
    It is just the prerequisite for Bleed Resistance. Like nano repair to begin with.

    Actually there are two many useless t2 masteries standing in the way of activating useful t1s.
  • Mr_WonderfulMr_Wonderful Posts: 550
    Since we’re on the subject of bleed resistance, I have a question. Using HA as an example, Does the % reduction apply to the % damage dealt (33% of 924% of attack) or does it just reduce the % by 33% (891% of attack)?

    I only ask as it would make a much more viable anti bleed option than willpower, which I found underwhelming. Plus don’t have any anti bleed bots at a high enough rank yet
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,479
    I think it applies to the damage dealt
  • Mr_WonderfulMr_Wonderful Posts: 550
    Cool, it seems like the better investment but wasn’t 100% that’s how it worked. Thanks mate.

    Some of the t2 masteries could maybe to with a look at to make them viable. Nano repair for example doesn’t have much of any use for a squad of r4 4*, maybe a flat % per minute would work better? Most fights are done before nano repair can heal enough to cover as much as a heavy hit, since it’s t2 it should give more than that. a flat 2.5/5/7.5 % for the 3 ranks would give it much more viability for those that can make a battle last without taking much damage
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,479
    a % would be a massive improvement. Willpower should have the same functionality as MCOC imo to make it viable. None of the defense masteries are viable really. Even if you reduce the damage by 33% from any of these debuffs, at high level the difference will barely be noticeable. This map 3 malarky is basically don't get hit.
  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,298
    All defence Masteries seems useless except last stand.
    I always prefer to spend in offense.
  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,298
    @Red_Eyes Well, that depends on your so called "nobody" if they like it or not...
    Just don't post comments like this like you know your 'fathers' wont like this..
    Are you God That know who cares what?
    They asked use of willpower and he replied....
    Why it bother you?
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