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Optimus Primal ,rhinox and dinobot so inbalance?

This primal , rhinox and dinobot soo inbalance. 8k dino and rhinox not necessary. Please quickly fixed. Thanks all.


  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,876
    Uhhhh, which version are you talking about? The ones in the alliance mission, the ones you play with, or the ones in the spotlight mission?
  • Legacy123Legacy123 Posts: 32
    edited June 2018
  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,300
    Well, the trick is control the offense.
    Keep your self-control and they will loose their sooner than later.JUST DON'T DASH AT THEM!
    If They dash, sidestep and counter-attack OR dash back and initiate a combo with two ranged.
    If they shoot , sidestep and initiate combo with ranged attack.
    If your dodging skills are messed up, it's better to block their combo and then quickly starting yours than just messed up!
  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,300
    For Primal, Do a combo and block and watch for heavies.
    when he does his fouth or fifth hit of combo .dash back twice and quickly start a combo with ranged.
    Just don't think you can take him under 75% by DOTs.
    When 15, or 14-13, combo is reached, launch any available specialOnce he's under 75.
    It must easier to take him to 0 using Magnus and Megatron.
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