I See Kabam Didn't Care to Fix the "All or Nothing" Mod In the Cheetor Spotlight

Red_EyesRed_Eyes Posts: 258
edited June 4 in Bugs and Known Issues
Say what you will about the quality of my fighting but that certainly doesn't look like Hound's SP3 to me!!

I think I'm owed a repair kit or two and/or energon at the very least.

Kabam you were immediately informed of this glitch when the spotlight launched and you didn't bother to do anything about it, not fix it and not even make an announcement about it being permanently broken.

Edit: I mistakenly said it was from expert, it's from master actually.


  • Red_EyesRed_Eyes Posts: 258
    Just happened again with Blaster going down the same path.
  • SabugenSabugen Posts: 345
    no worries! spotlight will end in a few days, i bet that'll fix it.
  • I want something free too.
  • JamzJamz Posts: 8
    I want something free too.

    It’s astounding that you can say this when Kabam is completely at fault. I know we can’t expect accountability but blaming someone that was detrimented by Kabam is poor form.
  • Bntyhntr3232_Bntyhntr3232_ Posts: 528
    Ahh makes sense
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