M.v.M is recruiting

Man Vs Machines

We are an adult English speaking alliance that is alliance mission focused. Currently running a schedule that consists of 3 weeks at our normal map 3 level 15-20 and 1 week at map 3 level 5 to allow exploration of the new spotlight content and to restock a/m items. Alliance events are non-mandatory. We all chat and are a fun, relaxed community, and all new members are required to use Line. We do ask all members to participate in the alliance mission no matter what level we are playing.
If this interests you and you like what you read please contact me dtorreskater in game or line i.d.- dtorreskater


  • dtorreskaterdtorreskater Posts: 118
    M.v.M is looking for another player again. Currently still running same levels, relaxed alliance but very focused on 100% in alliance missions. Line is still required.
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