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Spotlight Energy Cost

I'm almost certain this was brought up before but I am saying it again because I am also almost certain you guys ignored this request like you ignore 85% of everything else we ask for.

Please rethink the energy cost for the spotlight missions. Its awesome only needing 1 energy per step in easy mode and 2 energy per step in medium mode but then there are 3 more difficulties each with 3 energy per step. This is a little crazy. I think that either hard mode needs to be turned down to 2 energy per step or do what MCOC does and give the first 2 chapters of hard and expert 1-2 energy per step and then 3 energy per step in the last chapter and then in master mode make it 2 energy per step in the first two chapters and 3 energy per step in the 3rd chapter.

Please kabam! @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious


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