Looking for a good adult alliance

Looking for an adult allaince that runs map 3 in the twenties with north american time zones preferably. Needs to complete am with good communication. Contact me on line or on game, both IDs are Mezori.



  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,018
    search for id--> rajnoorbrar1 ,,,on line, i thinking there might be some open spaces in one or two of our alliances
  • MezoriMezori Posts: 38
    Thank you @SparkShredder, I just sent a message.
  • define: Adult :p
  • MezoriMezori Posts: 38
    People not easily offended in chat haha. Not that I'm much one to rock the boat but I like people to be allowed to be themselves. :D
  • NerachniaNerachnia Posts: 2
    Did you find a home yet? Run map 3/29-30 if you’re interested. Line: dachowman or momo6988.
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