Gold, ore's value, and energy

1. Gold is really hard to come, i have more than 1k ores in my stash but no gold (because i upgraded my bots). Arena crystals give the most gold now, we can get 100k gold from 50-60 arena crystals, however we can only get it from away missions (missions are random and not always give arena crystals) and playing arenas, and we need about 600k gold to upgrade a 4* bot to lv 40 and about 1mil gold to lv 50. My suggestion is increase the minimum amount of gold crystals, it is hard to get but it doens't give much gold, increase the sell value of ore, or lower the upgrade cost of bots.

2. Since we have master difficulty now, i think it is better for hard spotlight to consume 2 energy/node, and 1 energy/node for medium spotlight.


  • JKLJKL Posts: 592
    Gold offer today, go buy! Short term solution.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,268
    1k ores are a steady source of gold already. That way, I'm the one who will skip today's gold offer.
  • ZRogueZRogue Posts: 20
    The ore sell value is too low, besides i need a lot to upgrade my 4* to lv 50. That's why i don't want to sell a lot of them for gold
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